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A Valentines Day Hug or just a Blow and Seal Deal....

On this cold and frosty Valentines morning in misty North Yorkshire, I can't help wondering how much benefit in heat retention and bill savings will be gained by insulating 2.5 ish elevations (the others can't be accessed) for a property that was a 2004 build, and according to the lodged EPC is fully cavity wall, under floor and loft insulated. (No obvious rubble or previous product removal here either unless done by Unicorns & Magic)..

You never know though, as the previous insulation may have been missed by the builder, the teams on site, and the building inspector, and only picked up on by the DEA when the EPC was done in 2013 some 9 years later, but since then, it's perhaps either evaporated or degraded to a point where it is now possible to re-fill the cav's, wow!

Without being sceptical, it may have just needed a quick blow and seal job for Valentines Day?

After all, who am I to say....... Enjoy the images......

It's just a stretch to the left.......

Then a lean to the r i i i i ght

Reach up to the sky i i.... (made that bit up)....

Hold your knees in ti i ight etc etc .....

Happy Valentines Day 2018.......

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