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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We were recently approached to design and install a brand new heating and hot water system for a small quaint 16th Century Cottage to replace a very old overnight storage heater system, with direct cylinder and an immersion heater.

At first we were dubious, due to the fact that the property had solid walls, but it was fully insulated in the loft, to 270mm.

Nevertheless, we carried out a full MIS3005 design, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could deliver the required heat to the Cottage with a Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP, whilst achieving a design SCOP of 3.55 at 45 degrees flow. We gave the client the good news and booked in the install and completed the works compliantly.

We weren't expecting any thanks, and we generally don't tend to ask for comments/feedback, as we are just happy knowing that we have delivered the work to a high and compliant standard, but it was lovely to receive a kind note from the client as pasted below.

I contacted Busy Energy following a search for Yorkshire based installers to discuss renewable heat opportunities for our 16th century cottage which at the time was heated using individual room electric panel heaters. Right from the start it was clear Adrian understood both the heating systems and the available grant funding streams. After designing a system for our house including siting and sizing of the needed radiators we were able to approve a quotation for the works. From the point of order we were kept well informed on progress and advised of some minor adjustments needed to our mains power supply.

The whole system was fitted over a 3 days by friendly, professional plumbers and an electrician with the whole system working out of the box. Some minor adjustments balanced the system and we now have full central heating that works with stable heat levels throughout the house. The Mitsubishi Ecodan system as recommended by Adrian is both quiet and efficient, to the extent I believe it is quieter than the outlet vent of local oil boilers. Now that the system is fitted Adrian has continued to assist us through the application process so we receive our full renewable heat initiative funding.

Overall I have zero reservations in recommending Adrian and Busy Energy should you want to fit a renewable heating system, every aspect of his service has far exceeded what I would have expected.

Dr Salter

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