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Free Solar PV - PPA Explained

Who & Why all the P's.....

Engenera Renewables Ltd is a specialist renewable power & heat multi-technology firm.

They assist SME, Commercial Business & Education & Healthcare sectors, save costs by drastically reducing energy overhead and importantly, protect against future electricity price rises.

They enable the client to make the correct decisions in regards to renewable energy measures and in turn generate their own clean tech, low carbon power, but without the capital expenditure or debt issues from self funding.

Busy Energy Ltd are an energy services advisory, surveying, works estimating, and project management organisation. Who operate independently to ensure that the best possible selection of products and process’s technically and commercially are always specified for the client’s projects.

Busy Energy deliver a broad spectrum of disciplines from design to technical support, and full project management with Engenera and their partners, for a wide variety of renewable and sustainable measures includingBMS/RWH/GWR/SUDS/GSHP/PV/BS/EVCP/ASHP /Biomass and Biogas technologies, as well as many more traditional carbon saving solutions.

‘PPA’ with a 'nice graph' from a real installation - see *case studies

One of the most broadly and simple to deliver technologies provided to drive significant energy savings at no capital cost are Engenera’s Solar PV Power Purchase Agreement projects or (PPA’s).

This works by providing and installing ‘without any upfront cost’ to the user a suitably designed Solar PV roof top array. (Battery Storage/LED lighting/space heating and other complimentary measures can be modelled in where required).

The customer then signs up to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

To explain, this is a simple financial instrument, whereby the client is charged a standard rate per unit (kWh) produced from the Solar PV system installed; this rate is generally up to 25% less than the clients existing price of electricity from current supplier, and is importantly ‘fixed’ for the full term, only increasing annually by the rate of inflation (RPI).

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a popular ‘free solar’ proposition that offers long term financial, accounting and environmental benefits. It involves two parties with one business generating the solar energy and the other purchasing business buying it.

Free Solar PV and Long Term Lower Cost Electricity

Utilising direct relationships with various energy asset investment partners; as your business satisfies a range of criteria, the institutional partner will provide the capital for a free, fully maintained solar PV system – designed and installed by us.

A competitive PPA price (per unit of electricity) will also be offered that is lower than your existing energy provider can achieve, and then linked to an inflation rate that is lower than the energy market, saving significant sums for the duration of the PPA.

Solar PPA Means No Upfront Costs or On-Going Fees

No upfront costs or on-going service fees apply, meaning that the recipient begins to make savings from day one, and continues to benefit for the full term of the PPA, usually for a period of 20-25 years.

At the end of the term, the PV system will be gifted to the client at no cost.

Summary Benefits of a PPA

  • Free Tier 1 Solar PV System

  • Guaranteed Savings on Energy Bills

  • No Maintenance Costs

  • Long Term Budget Control

  • Fully Transferable Contract

  • Zero Capital Cost

  • Can assist with ESOS and CRC Compliance

Technical consultations and project support from both parties are completely free, and with no obligation until the client is completely clear and happy with the process.

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