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'Don't be Chicken'

Don't be Chicken, and get your mouse clickin, over to our busy little web site, which is packed full of energy and interesting technology options, and carefully thought through supporting services.

From boilers to recycled plastic decking and fencing & Eco-Grid for car parks and festivals, plus much more in-between.

So, why not see how we can help you or your customers?

We are always pragmatic and practical, whilst being considerate in product and project methodology. With high efficiency and energy savings always in mind, as well as seeking out the best ways to provide project support.

Be that through funding mechanisms for renewable technology such as:

  • ASHP

  • GSHP

  • Solar PV

  • Solar PV with Battery Store

  • BioMass

  • AD

  • CHP

  • Water Harvesting

  • Grey Water Re-Use Systems

With or without Smart Controls and BMS systems, and or the best ways to deploy Capex into projects effectively.

Partial AI and Connected Tech for the Home and Business is now coming into more of a focus, and we can help with this too, as we have access to various solutions for the Home & Business be that on or off balance sheet or a blend to suit the circumstances.

This level of integration as an example, takes the forthcoming mandatory Open Therm Boiler and Controls process, to yet another level, as it integrates, disrupts and changes the game again, in particular in the Social Housing Sector, Private Landlord and Commercial arena's, as well as catering for the more discerning self-build environment and or early adopters of fresh smart tech options.

With our first class trade partners, we always strive in the hive to provide the very best, directly from the nest!

Great Weekend!

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