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Remote Service Introduced for Essential Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting - (SECR)

Don't stop doing what you need to do.

Working with your relevant team members, using our simple forms and process's, we are able to gather, aggregate, analyse and prepare the data and plan, that is needed for SECR compliance for your annual accounts filing.

We can then build the correct carbon reduction strategy in order to ensure that you have a plan that is cost effective, energy cost saving positive, and complimentary to your organisations ethics and CSR portfolios, as well as progressively compliant. We can also implement and manage the delivery of the measure improvement plan and technology specification, design and delivery.

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SECR Compliance Benefits

  • Reduce fiscal liability

  • Save on energy costs (post strategy implementation)

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Increase importance of good energy management

  • Management of climate change risks

  • Improve company processes

  • Improve environmental comfort levels (subject to type of organisation and measures recommended)

  • Increase asset value (subject to type of organisation and measures recommended)

Alignment with recommendations of:

  • Taskforce Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

  • Avoid penalties of non-compliance

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