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Is it ‘Right to Assign’ Heat Pumps?

Read on to find out more.

At Busy Energy we are not only accredited Ecodan Installers, but we specialise in meticulous system design and delivery, as well as the all important system set up and aftercare including inspection and sign off of the installation works.

In providing this, we are able to offer a perfectly tailored technological package of carbon reducing and energy saving measures, bearing in mind always 'Fabric First'.... From a simple HE Condensing boiler swap, to a Ground or Air Source Heat Pump, Biomass boiler or a complex plant room upgrade with integrated BMS systems with remote operation, from a single home to global plc.

Through our network, we can also deliver Residential and Commercial EPC's as well as the correct advice and production of SECR's where applicable, not to mention links to our energy comparison partners.

Then there are our funding options for off balance sheet or on balance sheet commercial projects.

In regards to the all important Solar PV, Battery Store and EV Charge Point sector, we have worked very closely with one of the industries leading clean tech EPC developers, who also provide a solid pathway to the Assignment of Rights in particular for Air Source Heat Pumps, although other technology such as Commercial Solar PV and GSHP will be considered.

We would be happy to discuss any of these in more detail should that be required.

RSL's HA's and LA's are also very welcome, as this could add significant value to your assets and carbon reduction strategies.

In regard to the core focus area and the Assignment of Rights for residential ASHP & GSHP in particular, we have a measured and strict process in place that ensures that no corners can be rounded, the whole system is fully upgraded exactly as required as per the MIS3005 design, which we carry out internally and take responsibility for.

This includes all relevant heat emitters, heat areas, pipework & sizing, zones, hot water storage, controls and system running settings are accurate and correct, so that the customer can rest assured that the system will operate exactly as described, designed and installed.

This is of particular importance in any event, but where a funding mechanism is involved, if the system isn't designed, installed and critically set up to deliver on all compliance and efficiency points, there will be third party issues too in addition to the mandatory regulatory requirements.

Inevitably, a fully funded full system under this mechanism, is a little like the Goldilocks bowl of porridge, so there will almost always be a customer contribution when modelling to a full MIS3005 design, and of course ensuring that the system is set up and commissioned to the SCOP as shown on the design and in the customer handover pack as well as ensuring the technologies COP is delivered in working application.

Regardless of customer contribution, which is always calculated per property. It will inevitably be in the main, comparative with the cost of a new central heating and hot water system, with the fund providing the balance in return for the RHI, but in the correct circumstances and set up and commissioned exactly to specification as per the manufactures instructions the energy and carbon savings should more than stack up over what should be a lifespan of around *20 years in operation.

So, the assignment of rights or not, we think in the matching circumstances, yes, but It will always be subject to evaluative survey, which via us is at zero cost.

For more information >>>>

*Subject to service and maintenance

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