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Thank you to Richard McCann

Just a little thank’s to Richard……

Some time ago I posted about my youngest Daughter who is now 17.

She had gone through some horrible times at School, being bullied due to her unseen disability of being nearly blind in one eye, being called ugly, and also having dyslexia didn’t help things when it came to academic challenges.

She was very low and trying her best of course with our support, all this and going through her teens was also hard for her, but she fought on. In fairness and acknowledgement to others, as we all know those years are not easy and can be cruel.

She eventually left school and started as an apprentice hairdresser, one of the things she ticked off as wanting to achieve after meeting you after you presented at her school Richard, met her, and motivated her. (see below list)…. 😉

Soon after leaving school she found a placement, and excited for her new position of work at the Salon, she found that she wasn’t being trained at all, just washing dirty pots and towels, mopping floors, making tea & coffee and was again subject to bullying from the owner under threat of losing her job if she didn’t work significantly longer hours than she was allowed to as a 17 year old.

The self-employed stylists were cruel and over demanding of her and had her running around buying them food and drinks on her lunch break. So, we thought, here we go again, but this time in the work place.

(and before it gets raised, i was an apprentice, so i know all about glass hammers, long stands and sky hooks as well as all the fish and chip / butty runs)....

Anyway, we had choices, get involved with the employer and cause a thunderstorm which was my first natural protective parental instinct, or thoughtfully and logically work with her to find another job and then peacefully move onwards, leaving the churlish small minded bullies behind again.

After thought, we chose the latter, and she has now found a Salon which is training her, with great employers.

But she herself again referred back to you, and also your new book, which we bought for her birthday recently, and she said to us quite simply ‘I can’. 

That was enough for us, again Richard, you have made not just a momentary impact, but a life long change to her view and attitude.

If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!

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