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Is life really like a box of chocolates?

Well, I have had shall we say an 'interesting journey' as many of us have, having lived, loved, lost and importantly learnt a lot along the way.

But, what stands out are the few, that have a discreet but fundamental impact on us. It was not until last night after going through some of our youngest daughters things to pass on to her, who has now grown up and 'semi-left home' that i came across what was in addition to us advising her as parents, a fundamentally critical step for our little one.

She had a really tough time at school, as she also had a little known disability, she was partially sighted. This was not visible externally, and she was and is a pretty little thing, happy go lucky and keen to fit in.

She was always more caring/creative than academic and numeric, mainly due to her disability rather than disposition. She was bullied badly for this after confiding in 'friends' but she pushed on despite the demons that haunted her in what later became mental health issues.

What i didn't know until last night, was that a person spoke at her School, and one who helped her more than he will ever know.

She listened, she is doing well now, and ticking those 'ican' things off... thank you Richard McCann you have no idea.

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