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Witch or Which Craft

Found some old friends today (shown in the image)

these were nestled away under a work bench.

I paused for a moment, fond memories triggered, just to think back

to some of the moments of my career that i enjoyed the most.

Blue and White collar alike have all brought interesting times, but, some of the most rewarding were the simplest of times in designing and producing almost timeless skill based items, such as whilst working on and providing services towards York Minster, Swinegate Shopping Centre (York), Studley Royal, Fountains Abbey, M&S and H Samuel's in Leeds, plus countless other beautiful Heritage and National Trust buildings around the UK, that required a sympathetic and at the time a highly skilled approach to restoration to near original standards.

Of course, some of this was a rather long time ago now, back when i could actually lift a roll of 24 inch code 5 lead up a wobbly unsecured ice covered wooden ladder in the middle of Winter, not once but many times a day, not if but when the hoist (if there was one) was broken or out of diesel. Just in case, I would point out, this was well before the days of much needed and improved H&S standards on sites..!

Not that we often advertise it, given our main day to day emphasis on sustainability, renewable's, green and clean-tech, but, we still do like to keep our hand in, and still can produce and deliver sustainable bespoke and specialist lead fabrications for those times when it demands nothing less.

(See 'Lead Craft' section of our website for more)

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