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Keep It Simple or Not?

After 'some' first hand experience of working within 'certain' sectors of our industry over the last few years right across the UK. Despite an initial excited enthusiasm towards new and emerging tech, it has been

re-affirmed that yet again the good old US Navy Seals 'design principal' from 1960, namely 'KISS' still seems to work best.

When faced with what can sometimes be a perplexing array of different and seemingly exciting technologies from Connected Buildings (Partial AI) to Nano Technologies with claimed thermal properties, and other innovative types and ways to passively heat, cool and fuel buildings via integrated remote stations and more...

In my own humble experience, and having been guilty at certain points of shall we say 'drift off centre line' towards the more interesting part of the technology sweet shop...

I have certainly come to clearly realise, that whilst we do need to remember to of course keep emerging technologies in the rear view mirror, as they are very real and part of the future, day to day, right now in August 2017 pre-heat season, we should perhaps think carefully about becoming 'all consumed' (or dare i say it distracted by this slightly more sexy selection box)... as if one does, it must be understood that the balance sheet to pursue this key developing arena needs to be able to robustly withstand the inevitable commercial turbulence. So, the evaluation of commercial risk is critical here vs. the true ability and or desire to pursue something that is a 'like to' rather than a 'need to'.

I guess we need not look too far, and simply remember that whilst we must embrace new and emerging technology, that there are still when i last looked (circa) 1.6 million gas boilers installed every year, and whilst I personally advocate for and encourage fully clean tech, green tech, & connected, the reality is in the numbers..... right here right now this year at least.....


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