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12.8% ROR from a Very 'Average' Air Source Heat Pump Installation Evaluation

This is not a specially selected higher rate of return example, it is a middle of the road actual slice of an example of what we see realistically in regards to our operational market place, and clients.

This is a recent example of a Rate of Return model for a capital cost of less than you would think, for a new, best in class branded Air Source Heat Pump, with a New Stainless Steel fully pre-plumbed 210 litre mains pressure Hot Water system, including full Metering and Monitoring Service Package.

The boiler to be replaced was Oil Fired, and the property off grid for Gas.

Radiators were upgraded to meet the properties heat loss, and all calculations carried out to MIS 3005 compliance, so in this instance underfloor heating was not required.

It was a partially solid non-insulated stone in construction in one large room/area, and the balance of the property was was internally and cavity wall insulated including the loft to 300mm.

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