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Yoga on a cliff edge.....

For some, chiefly those who are flexible enough.....

Yoga on a cliff edge could be exciting,

thrilling, and rewarding, but in business risk is always a key factor in sensible decision making.... isn't it?

So, I ask myself after 30 years in our industry, having had various roles, from sole trader to small business, then onto blue chip's and sme's why do i still see a rotating cycle of carrot and stick, with arguably less carrot than stick in the end.... and also an extremely wide ranging set of ideas/measures for delivery that of which the majority doesn't seem to get delivered as assumed or hoped for.

This activity is not uniquely but sometimes can be driven by some form of policy or another... will leave the rest to your imagination as to which policy i refer to... save to say, it's become a deemed process recently.

What i fail to understand is why does the industry keep going back, and investing more time and money, and taking risk after risk with seemingly a level of reward that equates to either rare and wild riches at one end, or at the other end of the scale total ruination.....

It all reminds me a little of Roulette....

maybe easy to play but, 14 red may come in once in a while but there are many more times when it won't.

I personally made a conscious decision to move fully away form what i class as a highly compliance driven (which is good) but still high risk sector (which it should't be) about two years ago now, and get all boring again and focus on 'normal' medium risk business activity.

I have to say, that although it has been a challenging couple of years, which was anticipated and planned for, it is much better to get a more accurate weather forecast for your business than a finger in the air of policy driven initiatives/incentives of the recent past.

I have first hand sailed the various Sea's of clean tech, green tech and means tested programmes.

From my own experience, three things are certain, Death, Taxes and Uncertainty!

So, it maybe more sensible to practice Yoga on a floor mat than up on that cliff edge.

That said, I always keep an open mind just in case ;-)

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