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Bet you can't guess the price of all this?

High Quality & Performance Gas Condensing Combination Boiler, Honeywell Controls, Wireless or Wired Options, all controlled from a Smart Phone or Tablet, Smart Energy Saving Technology A+ErP, save up to 10% energy, and increase SAP by 3% to 5%.

Premium components and features for straightforward installation and servicing. However, by offering the latest in smart home heating controls, these boilers are also able to take efficient home comfort to the next level of performance.

The boiler comes with Open Therm operational compatibility as standard and comes complete with the Honeywell round modulating room stat and internet gateway for connection to the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app.

This is available to Android and IOS users free of charge via the App Store and allows customers to achieve greater efficiency and comfort in their homes, plus greater control either in the house or remotely via their smartphone.

The LCD backlit feature screen enables easier visual operation for both the homeowner and installer, while boiler touch controls make it simpler to set the heating and hot water temperatures and see the system pressure.

OpenTherm packs consist of a round stat (wired or wireless option), wi-fi gateway along with comfort app.

Technical Features

• A+ ErP


• 5 Year Guarantee (min)

• OpenTherm Integrated

• Efficiency Rating with Honeywell Control A+

• Weather Compensation (optional)

• Direct Wi-Fi Connection Kit (included)

• Compact Size – 700mm High, 400mm Wide, 300mm Deep

• ErP Compliant Controls and Pump

• Backlit LCD

• Whisper Quiet in Operation

• User Friendly Touch Controls – Simple and Easy to Use

• High Density Insulation

• Low NOx Class 5

• Minimum Low Power of 3.6kW Further Reduces Energy Cost

• Brass and Premium Branded Components for Lasting Quality

• Integral Valve Kit Eliminates Unsightly Valves Below the Boiler

• Easy Release Control Panel Allows Easy Access for Servicing

• Built-in Deep Condensate Trap Designed to Reduce Nuisance Freezing in Winter

• Flexible Condensation Pipe Conveniently Located After the Trap

• Lightweight Design to Aid Installation

• Removable Side Panels

• Built-in Automatic By-pass

• Smart Phone not included

If you want to know more and find out just how surprised you can and will be, zip me an email to

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